The IllustraFlex site is a project I am still proud of.

IllustraFlex is a budget priced, high performance security camera. We were given nothing for the site. We had pictures of the cameras, and spec sheets. My manager was very open minded and team orineted, and we decided we could do something here that would a) be awesome and b) set a precedent for other sites down the road.

I designed the site around a theme of “this is what you are missing”, as in your crap security cameras were missing details that ours could show. We build 3 interactive elements. We did a video showing the visual noise difference between a standard camera and ours, a sliding comparison showing our high dynamic range feature, and a comparison of standard definition details and our high definition image.

I also re-shot all the camera images to make them more dynamic. Fun side note, the glass on the dome cameras wasn’t actually there. I painted it back in with Photoshop.

I also introduced jQuery animation, which previously hadn’t been used on any Tyco sites. The opening image was animated making for a more engaging, portfolio style experience, rather than the same old online brochure.

The site is still live today, despite Tyco building a specific Illustra website. Rumour has it the site is still considered one of the top projects produced by the web department.