This project was, to say the least, interesting.

No wireframes. No mockups. No user paths. No content planning. Branding designed in a week. Turnaround in less than 60 days.

The original site was built by the CEO, which is still an amazing feat. I was brought in to rebuild it properly, and help take it to the next level. The timeline made it extremely stressful. There was little time for planning the CSS, and building all the visuals/graphics/ icons while doing all the code AND learning about the product…it made for some interesting days. We also had to integrate Hubspot forms and CTAs throughout the site, and introduce heat-mapping to track user movements and help conversions.

But I got it done. It paid off as well too, as traffic increased and conversions increased. Revisions continued to the site, introducing animated elements like monthly/ yearly pricing toggles, content-driven screenshot swapping on devices, and photography for the site. I also built a completely responsive table, which was a first.