Tyco Security Products’ websites are outdated, slow, and built by committee. They are difficult to update, tricky to modify (by anyone other than the main developers), and not mobile friendly.

The web department decided this had to change. Lead by the manager, we wanted to lead the charge in updating the site, and improving usability and function. We began by thinking through the user paths, and who our visitors really are. We also knew the installers and resellers likely wouldn’t have a solid promotional channel, so these sites had to be a showcase of not just the products but the company itself.

We also wanted to show Tyco’s commitment to technology and forward thinking, so the site had to be modern and engaging. We began to explore visual concepts and ideas, playing with Tyco’s colours and messaging. We wanted to push what the equipment could help with, rather than just focusing on the gear itself.

We got about 3 weeks in…and then the entire department was made redundant and released.

Below are the concepts we came up with.